Magrill Library

Welcome to Mustang Tales, the Newsletter From the Magrill Elementary Library  
Mrs. Linda Griffin, Information Literacy Specialist

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Library Hours
7:45 - 3:15

Book Check Out  
Students check out books every 2 weeks during their scheduled library time.  They may also come in on a library pass when they have their teachers permission to select new ones. Kindergarten checks out one book, first and second students get 2 books, and third and fourth students check out 3 books.

Parents are encouraged to check out books from the library to provide additional reading resources for their children.  Parents may check 3 books out for a two week time period.

Students are responsibile for the books they have checked out and must pay for lost or damaged books as stated in the student handbook. The information is located on the Aldine website in the Student/Parent Handbook, under General Policies.