Magrill EC/PK/K School
Home of the Mighty Mustangs!

Welcome to the place where your child will begin their passion for learning!

At Magrill, students are at the core of everything we do.  We are committed to establishing a strong social-emotional and academic foundation for our scholars.  

It is no coincidence that the Mustang is the mascot that represents our school.  Mustangs are known for their strong constitution and intelligent dispositions.  With compassionate and patient individuals willing to encourage their capacities, Mustangs use can use their stamina to run great lengths.  
In a sense, at Magrill, we are dedicated to this mission.  With a proper educational foundation, our scholars can go far! 

To be a Mustang parent means you are also committed to developing your child's full potential alongside teachers and staff who devote their full time and energy to strengthen the innate capabilities of students.  
A strong partnership between parents and teachers will help us achieve great things for those centered at the core of our mission--our mighty little Mustangs!

Will you join us?